Our insight

Our strength lies in the knowledge and understanding of local architecture and the terrain on which it is built, as well as each local authority specific requirements, including materials employed in historic dwellings that need to be refurbished or altered, and new builds. The strategic company location allows clients to discuss needs and preferences with our UK agent in our London office, and instruct the team to begin research on the client’s behalf, for either a ready-to-move-in or a location in which to build a bespoke property.

Our Objectives

Our goals are to match a real estate because of its location or market value to the buyer, whether it be a new build, a farmhouse in need of refurbishment, or an interesting historic property with the potential to become someone’s dream-house in which to experience the Italian way of life.

Our Standards

Our expertise will allow us to assess whether materials and construction techniques employed in our selected properties are to the desired standard.  We strive to achieve the best possible result and, as true professionals, we ensure the highest quality of service to fully satisfy your every need. Italia Living will also liaise with selected local trustworthy professionals to extend and enrich the services it provides.

Why Italy?

Italy, land of ancient history, rich culture, unique landscapes and beauty, a land to visit, to discover and live in. Over the years Italy, known for its significant architectural history, has been one of the most sought-after countries for foreign investors. Property value has steadily increased, however, compared to many other European countries, the value for money is still a significant factor. Whether you are looking for a place in which to retire, or a holiday villa with potential rental return Italy is the right place in which to invest.



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