• Area: 1.429
  • Bedrooms: 14
  • Bathrooms: 12
  • Built in: 1.700
  • No. Floors: 4 +2 +2
  • Park sqm: 30.000
  • Price: 1.450.000

Property Description

The Manor house

Category A8 of cadastral land sqm. 808, dating back to the second half of the eighteenth century, almost square with double-height party room with perimeter balcony decorated with wrought iron balconies and walls, ceilings and vaults entirely decorated, of approx. 110 of floor area and with a maximum height of about mt. 9.

This building is “tied” by two perimeters reinforced concrete curbs, one at the level of the sidewalk, the other at the height of the roof cornice. The Podere Bisighella is located in a very beautiful “Borgo Antico” rated by Lonely Planet one of the most beautiful Borgo in the world.

Requested price: € 560,000

The pro services

Category C2 of cadastral land sqm. 408, which combine the ancient stables with cross-shaped pillars supporting cross vaults in bricks, the granary-warehouse, and the small private chapel now deconsecrated.

Requested price: € 300,000

The farmhouse

Category A4 of cadastral land sqm. 169 + C6 of cadastral land sqm. 44, currently rented for residential use, while the old barn with the characteristic brick columns with stone pulvini is at the service the farm.

Requested price: € 185.000

The park

30,000 Mt. of which sqm. 6,966 censiti all’urbano,  (Fg. 32 Part 62, entirely bound by the SS.BB.AA. along with all the buildings above it), consisting of an access avenue decorated with pines that starts from the road S.P. 302, ornamental ponds, meadows and paths, hedges and precious woods and partly wood with old trees.

In this park, there is also a large parking lot functional to a possible change of use of the buildings.

Requested price: € 150,000

The land 

Plants with a low vase of peaches of the variety Ali Top and Black Star cherry varieties both breeding: Ha. 2

Requested price: € 85,000

(€ 42.500 / Ha.)

Arable Land: Ha. 4,5 (entirely ripped to 70 cm deep)

Requested price: € 170,000 – (€ 37,777 / Ha.) Tare: Ha. About 0.5.

For the evaluation of the land, the presence of the Lamone river, at that particularly deep point, of the electric pumps, the electrical control panels, the filtering systems and the main and secondary pipes serving all the land and the park were taken into consideration. irrigation purposes



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