Properties in Italy

Why Properties in Italy


Welcome to our website and enjoy browsing on our range of Properties for sale in the Italian peninsula.

We provide a selective range of properties in Italy and facilitate your search for your Italian Dream home. Moreover, we do not only help our customers through all the steps of the buying process; our architectural firm that oversees our properties in our books, can also offer the expertise and guidance should one wishes to rebuild or refurbish a property in Italy, to deliver a sound and beautifully refurbished property to suit your every need.

Our portfolio of properties in Italy includes:

  • Apartments
  • Chalets
  • Country Houses
  • Historic dwellings
  • Land plots
  • Penthouses
  • Masserie
  • Trulli
  • Villas
  • Wine Estate

Properties in Italy purchase procedures

Every country differs in legislation when it comes to purchasing a property.  Italy has its differences and peculiarities and differs from the UK system. However, it is less likely for the buyer or the seller to have a change of hearth as during the first sage “Proposta d’acquisto” a small amount of money is exchanged. This is done to give this both the seller and the buyer a sense of security.

Unlike in the UK, both the buyer and the seller pay a percentage fee when purchasing a property in Italy, which varies between 2 and 5% the percentage, depends on the value of the property.

The agent undertakes all the property check before placing the house on the market; to avoid nasty surprises down the line, therefore the buyer will have nothing to worry about as all the checks have been carried out beforehand.

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